Fun Things To Do

There’s literally hundreds of wonderful activities and things to do within and around Knysna as well as the Garden Route. Sea lovers will find beaches with totally different personalities to one another, for example: Coney Glen, Buffalo Bay and Plettenberg Bay Main Beach. Bollard Bay on Leisure Island is the perfect spot for sundowners. Water fun doesn’t stop there as Knysna estuary stretches 20km inland and is the top rated in South Africa. The suburb of Sedgefield is surrounded by lakes and breakfast at Lake Pleasant is a must. This, of course, means that there’s salt and sea water fishing to be had. For golfers, there’s an abundant choice of internationally recognized courses. Hikers have 300km of forest to explore. Plus the area is extremely popular for runners and mountain bikers. You can even visit Judah Square, the biggest Rastaferian community in Knysna. For those looking for more mellow relaxation, there’s plenty opportunity for lazy picnics, farmer’s markets and historical sightseeing. For your meals, there’s too many restaurants to count, and that’s all before we mention buck, cheetahs, wolves, lions and elephants:).

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